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How do we protect your data even on hypervisor level

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Maxime Lamarche
Technical Engineer, EASI

Tired of spending hours to configure antivirus protection? Tired of losing hours to update all your antiviruses spread over your infrastructure? EASI has the solution for you...

We all know that each time a new virtual server is required, many steps must be completed before using it. Even more so, if we want it secure where a human error is always possible and could lead to security breaches. So, don't loose your time and money to configure your servers' security, we can do it for you!

EASI has been partnering up with VMware and ESET for years now and because EASI does only propose solutions to its customers once they have been implemented and approved by EASI, we can now confirm that this hypervisor antivirus protection will help you to keep your data safe effortlessly! You don't need to do anything, we take care of everything.

Advantages of our solutions are multiple:

  • Agentless analysis. Increase the speed of your environment.
  • Policies based on functionality, needs, criticality... and much more!
  • Centralized Management Console which is used to create reports, monitor the activity and manage all the settings.
  • Threats are deleted automatically and we can even go further by quarantine the infected server during its cleaning.

But how can I have this? It's EASI! Subscribe to our Cloud 2 be safe!

Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us or visit our website for more information.


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