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How ethical hackers saved your privacy and PowerPoint presentations

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Quincy Cabral
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Is your data safe? The question is more hot than ever with a new breach in Barco's Clickshare presentation system. Discover how ethical hackers saved you from a bad night's sleep! 

Cyber-attacks have been in the news for months. Various Belgian companies have lost hundreds of thousands of euros or had shut down their plants/sites for weeks after hackers got their hands on a lot of their valuable data. It seems data protection is a hot topic that we can't ignore the last days. Why intervene when it's too late if there is another way

A new strategy

The Finnish company F-secure discovered a data leak in Barco's Clickshare presentation system, a system that may also be used in your office. The popular tool to share presentations wirelessly at the office was hacked on Barco's own initiative by a group of ethical hackers.

The ethical hackers discovered that they could install "backdoors". Backdoors that allow easier access to the system afterwards and that can cause a lot of damage. This news was published in the press and is circulating like crazy.

Ethical hackers and their ROI

Although it is emphasized that the ClickShare has not been hacked so far, it is important that companies are aware of this risk. Any system can be endangered. It's just a matter of time and resources.

In this case the ethical hackers revealed the pain points of the system before it was too late.

Let have a quick look at these numbers!

700,000 devices in meeting rooms around the world were at risk. Maybe your computer or company as well. Can you imagine the huge claims if this breach would have been abused? The enormous reputation damage? Instead Barco showed itself as a innovative company who shows it wants to go the long mile to protect your data. They already came up with an update so everybody can keep on giving their presentations in complete safety. What a difference right?

You know it's serious when the government gets involved

According to De Tijd, who interviewed Minister Pieter De Crem, a quick and effective cyber crime response team will be set up to provide aid to big companies when a cyber attack occurs on critical infrastructure.

He is of course talking about telecom companies, nuclear power plants or banks. But what about your company? Will you let your company and your data out of the equation?

What about your company?

Still ask if your system is still safe? Find out about the weaknesses and protect your company from possible intervention by hackers or the "Quick Reaction Force". Our team of Ethical hackers will work with you to find possible data leaks and deal with them immediately if necessary. Are you prepared to pass the test?

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