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How to move IBM Power i software to the cloud

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Christophe Verhaeghe
Team Manager, EASI

The municipality of St-Lambert Woluwe (Brussels) is, juste like any other organisation, obliged to pay the salaries of their collaborators every end of the monht. To realize this task, they are using a software solution.

For reasons of efficiency and cost effectiveness, mister Beke from the IT department, listed this software as "cloudable". Before starting any project, Cloud2be performed a feasibility study to investigate if this software, running on IBM's Power i platform, could by any means be moved to the cloud.

The decision they took, was to transfer the software as it was, to our Cloud2be platform. This way, they kept the same level of satisfaction about the use of the software, and they kept access to the historic archives.

The ability to provide a large panel of technologies in the cloud (amongst them, IBM Power i) is indeed one of Cloud2be's unique selling points.

The transfer was executed several months ago, and the payments have been going on without any issue, secure and fast. A happy IT department ànd happy employees. A beautiful story :-).

If you are also reflecting and thinking about moving applications to the cloud, don't hesitate to ask us for an analysis. The scenario will not always be the same, but we know that the interactions will be interesting and inspiring, and in the end, we provide a result guarantee.

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