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How much SPAM is out there?

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Joeri Boonen
Senior System Engineer

How much SPAM do we receive and how much SPAM receives everybody else? Let's find out.

How much SPAM is out there? 

I recently read an article that said that 85% of the e-mails that Belgian companies receive is spam, meaning only 15% is legitimate. These results are quite intriguing and of course I was curious to have a look in our own spamfilter in Cloud2be.

How much SPAM do we receive?

Of the 100 million incoming e-mails our anti-spam appliance has processed, about 30 million were found to be trustworthy. So EASI and its Cloud2be clients do get a bit less spam than the average Belgian company, however, 70% still contains malicious content and 1,5% contains a confirmed virus.

Lessons learned?

We all know that a spamfilter is an important device for the safety of your network and your users, but seeing the numbers still gives us an uneasy feeling, which reminds us that security is more important than ever.

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