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How technology helps a sales team work more effectively

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Digitalisation is particularly important for the sales team in any company. In 2016, professional salespeople are faced with many challenges when it comes to being effective and striving towards excellence. How will you deal with that? By following these three steps, you can be sure you’re on the right track!

Make sure information is accessible everywhere.

Salespeople spend a lot of their day on the road, and communication with colleagues is often awful. How is that so? It’s very simple: client information and important data is spread all around the company and is not accessible on mobile devices.

With a bit of luck, your company is already using a CRM system, but there’s a bit more to it than that. This centralised information isn’t always available wherever you are. The solution to this is to use a smart app as an information library as well as a presentation tool that is accessible on a Smartphone or tablet. This revolutionises the way you can search for attachments and documents when you’re on the road.

In a few swipes, your salespeople can find what they’re looking for to make sure their sales pitch is rock solid! The cherry on the cake is the fact that you can even complete purchases and deals directly on your table within the ERP solution. This means that a large proportion of the administrative work is already done for you.

Stop seeing marketing and sales as two separate processes.

Smart collaboration is increasingly important. Not just for sales, but also for marketing. Even more importantly, these two fields aren’t two separate processes any more, they should live together side by side. In an ideal world, marketing people are also salespeople, and vice versa. They should work together towards the same goals: creating and maintaining excellent, long-term customer relations.

A public service announcement to marketing and sales people: communicate with each other and define your respective roles and expectations. Make sure you have a flexible central system in which you can interact with each other. With a solution that is available wherever you are, 24/7, you can all have access to accurate, up-to-date information.

In fact, if all the relevant information is incorporated in the marketing and sales process, and both teams are working together, it’s hard to imagine what could go wrong.

Make technology a facilitator for each and every salesperson.

Do we still need to remind people today that there is a wide range of technological possibilities and prospects available? Technology is increasingly seen as a strategy and not just a tool. In spite of this, a sales manager is and continues to be a living, breathing human being who can be supported by the right tools to seal a deal.

So carry on seeing technology as the facilitator of an effective working process, and take inspiration from the way technological solutions and salespeople can work together. Interested in finding out more about how to sell in this new digital era? Find out everything you need to know in the free whitepaper: "How the sales department is evolving: 7 obstacles in sales departments and how technology can overcome them."

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