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How to avoid the trap of false invoices?

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Christian Bettendorf
Sales manager @ Digiteal

The L’Echo newspaper has just published an article that covers the most frequent cases of fraud encountered by companies in Belgium.

Guess what fraud takes the first step of the podium? The fake invoice!

The concept? Very simple: the supplier’s invoice is imitated or intercepted and sent to the usual customer. Except of course, that the bank account is not the bank account of the supplier and the money disappears into thin air.

Whether you are a company or an individual, you can easily avoid this bad experience by using Digiteal to pay your bills.


Before proceeding to the payment, Digiteal ensures that the IBAN specified is an official IBAN of the supplier.

Digiteal is approved by the National Bank of Belgium as a payment institution. This is why both parties (the one who asks to be paid and the one who pays) must register on the platform. The identity and access to bank accounts are verified, allowing you to be part of a secure community. Meanwhile, Digiteal integrates with invoicing software, which reinforces the integrity aspect of the invoice.


Teal IT offers an electronic invoicing and payment solution called Digiteal that is fully compatible with Adfinity, the accounting software of EASI.

At the beginning of 2018, Digiteal entered the EASI Jump program. Through this program IT company EASI offers start-ups in the IT sector a financial boost, coaching and guidance at every stage of development.

EASI has already been elected 'Best Workplace' in Belgium four years in a row for companies with fewer than 500 employees and has achieved a 5th place at European level. It would therefore like to share its expertise with young innovative entrepreneurs through support and with technical and strategic coaching.

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