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How to integrate new technologies into your accounting software

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Sacha Brabant
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Discover the new growth challenges for your accounting and how EASI or your IT department can support you.Is your business growing rapidly? Are you planning to make organisational changes? One of these must certainly be your accounting software. This is a strategic choice that requires consultation with a large number of stakeholders from different departments. 

Digitisation and automation: new challenges

Part of accounting involves repetitive tasks that are now automated and digitised in accounting software, such as in Adfinity, developed by EASI. These automated tasks include, for instance, attributions and carry-overs in the accounts. Digitising and automating these tasks limit inputs and allow for improving speed and reliability.  The accounting function is changing and the nature of the tasks entrusted to the accounting department is changing as well. The time saved on carry-over and calculation operations can now be devoted to analysis and control tasks to improve company policy.

Adfinity evolves with new technologies

Adfinity is the accounting software developed by EASI. It has been evolving day by day, since its creation 20 years ago. How? Every new technology that becomes available on the market is assessed by our teams in order to determine whether it is beneficial to integrate it in our software. For instance, with machine learning, EASI is seeking to integrate this technology into Adfinity to enable users to save even more time in their everyday work. Machine learning would enable the software to recognise operations that are repeated often and could be automated. Robotisation also saves time, such as with write control at night.

The role of the IT department

These improvements and new technologies create new needs. Therefore, IT plays an essential role by working with concepts such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotisation. All these new technologies can be mastered if each company gets it IT department involved in the project to change its accounting software. 

EASI helps you with this change

EASI can become your IT department or a trusted partner by helping you reach your growth targets. Other technologies will appear in the coming months and years and will become “must-haves” in every accounting software. We remain at your disposal to respond to your needs.

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