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How Veeam Backup for Office365 can save you!

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Wouter Deneyer
System Engineer, EASI

Did you know that Microsoft doesn't create backups of your Office365 environment? So what is the solution, I'll explain it here. 

a very common misconception

Now that more and more customers have chosen for Microsoft's Office365, its time to talk about a very common misconception.

"My data is in the Microsoft-cloud, they are responsible for backing it up."

Sorry to burst that bubble, but that is simply not true. Its your data, you should control it.

With SharePoint/OneDrive combinations being used as replacements for classic FileServers, Exchange Online replacing the Exchange On-Prem & Teams being used as collaboration tool.

But what do you do if a user deleted a file? Or a Ransomeware encrypted (a part of your) OneDrive?

Will you just accept dataloss & move on with life? Start searching for "that one attachment" somewhere in your mailbox?
What about when an employee leaves your company? How will you keep an archive of their data?
Have you tought about legal compliance? With all the confusing retention policies available in O365, are you sure there aren't any gaps?

... Those are a lot of questions. Luckily we can help with this, using Veeam's Backup for Office365.

What is VBO?

VBO (Veeam Backup for Office365) can provide protection against all of the above situations.

  • Protection against accidental deletion
    File got deleted? No problem, just restore it to its original location.
  • Archiving
    Employee left the building & need to find back 1 mailthread in their mailbox? No problem, just restore it from backup.
    Don't use a Teams site anymore, but want to keep the shared files somewhere? No problem, they'll be safe & sound in your backup.
  • Security threats
    Some $!@?%*# ransomeware encrypted your files? No problem, one click returns the shituation into the previous situation.
  • Legal & Compliance
    Imagine the worst, some legal instance asks you to provide a full extract of a few mailboxes. How will you provide it? No problem, just takes a few clicks!

Want to get help? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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