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How will SmartShare benefit from IBM Notes/Domino 10  new features ?

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Frédéric Block
Managing Partner, EASI

IBM Notes/Domino v10 was released end 2018, approximately 5 years after the last major release launch (v9).

While we already described the new evolutions IBM / HCL announced in this post, we did not cover yet the impact and benefits this release would have on EASI SmartShare applications (CRM, HRM, DM & WCM).

Which improvements could Notes/Domino v10 enable with SmartShare ?

On the short term, there are 2 major improvements when upgrading to v10.

  • NSF-2 which enables databases to grow up to 256 Gb

This is especially interesting if you need to have more information in production database, and/or if you want to avoid having too many cascaded archiving databases (i.e. Having production which contains 3 years of content, which archives to another db holding the 3 years before, which itself archives to a 3rd archive database, and so on..)

  • Native iPad support

This looks amazing and could enable a new era of mobility for existing SmartShare users.
Besides using the existing SmartShare native apps (for iOS & Android), you could have a 'full Notes client' replicating and working on iPads...

SmartShare on v10 today, what can I expect ?

EASI was part of the Notes/Domino v10 beta program. We tested our SmartShare applications on the new client, server and iPad.
When publishing this blog post, what is the current status ?

  • Notes client

There were some blocking issues in 10.0.0. While the 10.0.1 brings in corrections for most of these, (at least) one remains which generates error messages ('Entry not found in index') in many applications.
IBM / HCL has not yet published a definitive resolution date about this one ...

  • Domino Server

Up to 10.0.1, a bug prevents most server 'back-end' / automated processes to run :-(
This means WebService (used by the mobile app), FlatFile Syncs, automated request processing, web interface,..) will not work. This is a major and blocking issue.

  • iPad client

The way the iPad client works looks incredible. There are many complex application behaviors we did not expect to work on such client... which actually work !
On the other side, with the current early release of this version, there are quite many parts of our standard applications (such as APM, DM, Contacts, ...) which are not 100% working on the iPad.
It remains unclear to us whether IBM / HCL will go for a 100% compatible approach or if we will have to work around some (or many) missing features and differences when comparing the iPad client to the Windows on which we support for SmartShare...



There are still today some bugs in Notes & Domino v10.0.1 which keep preventing us from supporting SmartShare on v10... IBM / HCL have announced us these last flaws should be corrected in v10.0.2.
As a result, we can only advice you to wait a few more weeks before upgrading your Notes clients and Domino servers... and check back the latest status with your consultant before really doing it.
On the other hand, you might have a look at the iPad version to see what it offers as of today, since there are already many functionalities which are working nice with SmartShare !

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