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Why is hyperconverged infrastructure important?

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Fabio Griffet

Discover in this article why you should consider a hyperconverged infrastructure for your business instead of a traditional environment.

Hyperconverged: what does that mean? 

Hyperconverged systems have been created to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability. To achieve this, storage, computing and network capacities are combined in a single system.

That’s why the development of these systems has been based on simple management. We’re moving away from a hardware-defined infrastructure in favor of a software-defined environment. This is a ready-made solution - or node - with standard off-the-shelf hardware, easily scalable by merging multiple nodes into a cluster and managing them in a just a few clicks.

Why hyperconverged?

Over the years, we’ve noticed IT environments and systems growing in complexity. A well-functioning environment is quick to contain various components, servers/storage/back-up, which are responsible for the proper operational functioning of your company.

Of course, these components need to be monitored closely in order to guarantee constant operation and require a great deal of expertise and man-hours.

In addition to complexity, we currently live in a rapidly-growing world where you have to be able to switch production processes in a heartbeat. However, this creates the need for solutions that are easily scalable.

Benefits of a hyperconverged infrastructure

Compared to a traditional environment, this offers several advantages that result in cost efficiency and flexibility for your business:

  • User-friendliness: You reduce dependence on IT specialists by making complex IT tasks available with a single click.
  • 100% software: You manage multiple hardware platforms and all IT locations with a single operating system.
  • Freedom of choice: You opt for best of breed - the hardware, hypervisor, cloud that best suits your business.
  • Time savings: You implement and manage a complete infrastructure stack in just a matter of minutes.

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