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IBM i is safe but is your IFS also free of viruses?

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Developed with the unique features of IBM i in mind, StandGuard Anti-Virus offers all of the power and protection of the industry-leading McAfee scanning engine found on other platforms while meeting the specific needs of IBM isystems.
You'll find StandGuard Anti-Virus easy to use in either graphical or green screen modes and a breeze to keep current with the latest virus definitions directly from McAfee and software updates from HelpSystems. With StandGuard Anti-Virus you have the essential tools to ensure that your IBM i system is protected from all the current threats such as viruses, worms, and malware.

StandGuard Anti-Virus for IBM i Features
The major product features are:

  • Supports i5 OS scanning system values exit points and file attributes
  • Server-based
  • On-Access scanning
  • On-Demand scanning
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Scans native SMTP mail
  • Scans Domino mail and databases (optional)
  • Object Integrity scanning
  • Scans files on guest operating system partitions
  • Green screen and System i Navigator user interfaces
  • Automatic download of virus definitions
  • Automatic download of software updates
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Network-enabled
  • Logging
  • Powered by McAfee, the leading provider of network security and availability technology

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