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3 IBM nominations for EASI

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI


During the annual IBM Partner Event "Night of the Stars", EASI was nominated for 3 awards:

  • IBM Outstanding Infrastructure Solutions Award 2015
  • IBM Outstanding Social Award 2015
  • IBM Outstanding Financing Award 2015

These nominations in 3 different categories means that EASI has a strong partnership with IBM, and that we have a wide knowledge in different domains.
The growing success of our Cloud2be solutions have definitely contributed to the nomination in the Infrastructure category.
With Cloud2be we distinguish ourselves from the market with our strong competences and experience with IBM technologies in the Cloud.

Of course, the Social category, is still a main pillar of EASI. For example, the IBM Notes Domino technology is an important support where our company is build on.
And with this Award, we confirmed again that we have a strong partnership with IBM.

Therefore we want to thank IBM for these 3 nominations and we hope to go on stage next year for even more!


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