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Fast Backup Services for IBM i

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Backup windows have become more and more critical. Even by using faster drives, downtime is still needed but no longer accepted by your business. EASI has developed a solution that helps you cope with this growing business need. 

During our Inspiration Day on June 1st, Danny Simon, Executive System Engineer at EASI, will explain how this solution works! 

Fast Backup Services for IBM i

Being tape hardware and software agnostic, this solution based around external storage, will improve your day-to-day IBM i backup operations. If your backup window has become a challenge, this session is definitely for you. Register now and don't miss this unique opportunity! 

Who is Danny Simon? 

With his 30+ years of experience as a Power System Infrastructure Architect and being certified in multiple IBM Enterprise solutions, Danny Simon is highly experienced in the area of IBM Power Systems, PowerVM, external storage and more. Besides designing and implementing IBMi based solutions, he’s also a well-known trainer and speaker in his area of expertise.

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