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IBM i Access Client Solutions V1.1.6.0 August 2016

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Updates available: mainly SQL. August 2016 – Version 1.1.6.

Integrated File System (IFS):

  • Copy/Paste files between IBM i partitions
  • Send files to multiple IBM i partitions
  • Download/Upload files to/from PC
  • Other actions include New Folder, Delete, Rename, Properties

Enhancements to 5250 emulation:

  • Smart card enablement on Windows for SSL client authentication

Enhancements to SQL Performance Center:

  • Visual Explain
  • Compare
  • SQL plan cache tab
  • Show Statements for both the SQL plan cache and saved data

Enhancements to Run SQL Scripts:

  • Visual Explain integration
  • JDBC Configuration Manager
  • Job Log Viewer
  • SQL Details for Job
  • Global Variables and Special Registers tab
  • Enhanced messages pane
  • SQL Formatter

Enhancements to Data Transfer:

  • Support for character and numeric truncation
  • Support for including column names/headings when downloading to text files
  • Usability improvements to Create IBM i DB File wizard
  • Enablement for Active Calc Spreadsheet on Mac
  • Ability to override default sheet name during download


  • Support for silent mode when used in combination with /AdminConfig
  • Multi-user installation on Windows
  • Ability to restrict the Printer Output filter to Current user

Several fixes



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