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Need inspiration for your GDPR management?

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Whether you're an IT Manager, database responsible, IT Security manager, marketeer, HR responsible or in any other way responsible for any treatment of data, you probably have heard about the European Union's GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation).  Still the information is not really clear and a most of us are struggling with a lot of questions. That's why we integrated a whole GDPR track in our Inspiration Day that takes place on June 1st!

GDPR explained by Deloitte

During the morning, you have the possibility to see three different presentations on GDPR. The first one is a presentation by Kristof Cox from Deloitte. Kristof heads a team of legal consultants within the Belgian Deloitte Accountancy & Advisory business unit. Deloitte delivers expertise for trusted solutions to Belgian family businesses and growth companies and to financial departments of larger organisations and international companies.

Holding a Ph.D. on international business law, Kristof focuses on negotiations of commercial transactions in order to help companies to reach well balanced agreements with their clients, suppliers and partners. Together with his team of legal experts, tax advisors and financial experts at Deloitte, he helps his clients to get those agreements on paper. Throughout the years, the team developed a profound knowledge of the impact of the digital innovations in the SME market. Consequently, privacy and its legal issues are on their agenda every day.

Kristof was so nice to send us an abstract about his presentation. Check it our hereunder and make sure to register yourself!

Personal data, a key asset of your company - make sure it doesn't become a liability!

"Every company (from Google and Facebook to your bakery around the corner) processes personal data. Consequently, as from May 2018, every company will have to respect the new (intensive and extensive) provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This implies that all companies - big or small - will have to implement a privacy strategy, check (and often amend) the agreements they have with their employees and service providers and may expect a visit from the privacy authorities...

It probably doesn't surprise you that most companies are not ready for this massive change. Do you want to know what's storming off upon you? Then make sure to conquer a seat during our session on the GDPR and its impact on your company."

Don't miss this interesting presentation and register now!

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