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New IBM Storwize V5000 announced

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

IBM has announced a new generation in the Storwize family.

The new Storwize V5000 Family of Hybrid Data Systems delivers the same Storwize architecture that can be customized to meet all uses, enabling easy upgrades, flexible set of capabilities and quick integration in different type of environments.

It is packaged and priced to suit small and medium sized businesses - typically our Belgian market - who need to address rapidly growing amounts of data while needing to stay responsive to a changing business environment, controlling costs and accomplishing all this with limited staff.

This new generation of IBM Storwize V5000 provides enterprise-class capabilities and a new architecture that will enable your customers to start small and grow according to their needs.

  • Drive innovation and competitive advantage with 2x faster data access
  • Optimized CapEx and OpEx with 5x more data in the same footprint
  • Start small, grow big with simple non-disruptive upgrade paths
  • Safeguard data with encryption enabled by IBM Spectrum Virtualize

For more information, I invite you to check the official Storwize V5000 page on the IBM website.

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