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Kick-Off EASI Nederland

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Jacob Flik
General Manager EASI Nederland

6 presentations, 6 speakers and a fun drink. That was the EASI Nederland Kick-Off in 8 words. Have a look at the pictures of the event here.

The Vandervalk hotel in Zaltbommel was the place to be for those who wanted to know exactly what EASI Nederland stands for.

Busy programme

I was the first speaker of the afternoon. "We go for SUPER-happy customers" is what I explained and I think all the attendees have got the message. In 2019, you simply demand nothing less from your IT partner than perfect service.

Myself and 6 other speakers put this into practice. What do we offer, how do we do it and what does it mean for you as a customer. 

Our accounting program Adfinity, our mobile sales CRM solution SmartSales, modernization of IBMi applications, Whiz Doc, our cloud and security solutions.... It all came up.

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The Kick-Off was also the ideal opportunity for us to introduce the new possibilities of the Quickpress - meanwhile WhizDoc - programme. We expect to be able to see what the package looks like in a few weeks' time. Then we will organize a practical, technical session where people can see the look and feel and ask more in-depth questions about the content.

The presentation of SentinelOne also made a clear impression. Their revolutionary product goes further, where the established providers stops. It is clear that those who are looking for a good End Point Protection tool will find the solution in their product.

Curious about the pictures of the event? Then be sure to take a look at our Facebook page.


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