Marriage of hardware and software

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Roel Verckens
Senior Business Consultant, EASI

A properly functioning application is the result of a healthy marriage between hardware and software.

Both elements must be on top form in order to support the application(s) you wish to use.
Every application has need of software (programming language, OS, database etc.) in order to function. Installing and configuring the right software is the only way to produce a well-functioning and visually-appealing application.

This software alone is not the only requirement to get an application up and running. Powerful, reliable hardware is also needed to support all this. Hardware that does not meet the requirements of a particular piece of software would be like playing football with a rugby ball.

Let us examine the maintenance aspect of this for a moment.
Naturally we are all familiar with software updates. These are generally provided and/or installed by the manufacturers, either manually or automatically.
For the hardware, this is often quite different. There are very few manufacturers who will come and tell you that it is best to replace a particular component in order to meet any new requirements. Most end-users will only face this fact once it is too late, at their own cost.

It may well be the case that the hardware and software were sufficient to run a new application when it was first installed. If it is then updated over time, it is also necessary to consider the hardware and software that must support it.
Is there enough disk space left? Is there enough memory? Can the OS actually run the updated application?
These are just some of the questions that end-users are advised to consider before committing themselves to an “update” or a “migration”.

EASI can assist with this, presenting an analysis to check whether your hardware and software are suitable for the updated application in advance of every important update.
Please do not hesitate to ask your consultant or commercial representative for further details.


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