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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

The business world has been changing at break-neck speed in the last two to three years. The digital transformation has meant disruptive business models shaking established values to their very foundations.

Nevertheless, a great many companies are still working with the same business models as 10 years ago. The digital transformation is often limited to buying employees iPads, which is clearly insufficient if there's no sophisticated strategy behind it. Nowadays, information has to be retrieved, visualised, analysed, forwarded and saved in no time. Orders made before 8 pm have to be with the customer by lunchtime the following day.

That means equipping your sellers with an iPad, without simultaneously doing something about business processes, is futile. In that case, you’re better off throwing that iPad away.

During Digital First, Belgium's major event on digital business, Jeroen, one of our sales engineers specialized in our mobile solutions (like SmartSales), will present a keynote during which he will explain the 3 major pillars on which efficiency in salesteams has to be built. Without these three pillars, buying iPads for your sales reps might be useless.

Want to know which pillars he will be talking about? Join us at Digital First !


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