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SmartSales 1.50 : What's new?

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Jean-Michel Block
Managing Partner, EASI


SmartSales 1.50 – discount management and much more...

SmartSales 1.50 is now available! What’s new in this version?

First of all, SmartSales is now available on the AppStore.

What does that means?

Update SmartSales will now be as easy for you as update any other app you installed from the AppStore. It means also that you’ll automatically benefit of all functionalities of each new release.

But that’s not all, SmartSales 1.50 includes of course interesting new functionalities.

Discounts management :

One of the most important is the discounts management.

It is now possible to define advanced discounts in SmartSales which can be automatically displayed on the product overview.

These discounts are computed and applied in the order basket, any time a product is added.

Discounts can be of several types such as percentage, fixed reduction, fixed price, free quantity or result of a combination of both types.
It can be applied to a product or to a whole order. And of course, it can be cumulated too.

Custom color markers to clearly identify customers :

It’s now possible to define several color markers to identify and classify customers based on custom criteria such as : last order date, last visit date or any other information defined on the customer sheet. This functionality should be very interesting for those who want to plan efficiently all the customer visits of a day.

SmartSales 1.50 consists also of new functionalities at the web manager level…

Survey viewer :

The web manager interface 1.50 offers now a survey viewer displaying all the survey responses including also pictures which may have been taken.

Survey confidentiality :

It is now possible to specify, by survey form, who is authorized to fill in it on the iPad and who is authorized to view the corresponding responses into the web manager interface.

You are a SmartSales user? We will contact you in the next few weeks to help you in moving from your current app to SmartSales 1.50 (AppStore version).