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The new iOS version of SmartDrive got released!

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Wouter Deneyer
System Engineer, EASI

Shortly after his Android brother, it was time for us to give our iOS version of SmartDrive an update!

But not only the lay-out and general look and feel got an update; we also added some neat new features that make everyday use of SmartDrive on your iOS device a lot easier!

new ios smartdrive

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can now fully manage all your shares. Edit permissions, duration, passwords, … Just as you would in the “full fat” client of SmartDrive.

new ios smartdrive

Mark Files as Favorite, and they will always be accessible. Even when you don’t have any form of internet.

new ios smartdrive

They new layout is 100% in sync with current standards. Clean, Efficient, Simple but nonetheless productive.

new ios smartdrive

And we fully support the latest iOS devices!

Be sure to check it out at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/smartdrive-online-file-sharing/id903894339

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