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Why should you pass the Android Certification?

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Anne-Sophie Duchêne
Software Engineer, EASI

A lot of people are asking themselves what are the benefits of an Android Certification. I was like you not so long ago. Now that I got it, I can tell you what they are.

Associate Android Developer Community

First, it's always a nice thing when you can show off and say you are part of the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Community ! Why ? Because it means your skills as an Android developer are recognized by Google.  Isn't that a great feeling ?

Increase your knowledge

Secondly, even if I have some years of experience in the development of Android apps, I still learned quite a few things from the Udacity videos while I was studying. Some interesting things I learned:

  • Content provider: I used the content providers a few times to access events from my phone, but did you know that you can build your own to share data from your application with other applications? It can be done and you can learn how in the videos.
  • UI testing & Unit testing: The two things are really important if you want to build a strong application which can provide a nice user experience. Often due to lack of time, developers do not implement them, but if you would like a stable application, you should definitely write some unit tests.
  • UI pattern: The material design pattern is currently a thing, and it's not always easy to know what to do for your UI. In the lessons, you can learn a lot: which padding to use, how to arrange your cell, ...

... And so many other tricks which can be very useful.

Improve your visibility

Another advantage of being certified ? It's a plus on your resume. For an employer or a company, having a developer with a certification gives a better visibility.

So go for it ! Take your chances (here), you will not regret it ! Good luck.

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