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MyConnect: 4 good reasons to set up an Extranet ticket

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Wendy Maes

Did you know that the extranet is the easiest way to get an answer? Allow us to explain why!

Do you have a query about Adfinity? Or maybe you have noticed suspicious behavior in your application? If so, the MyConnect ticket is the easiest and fastest way for us to provide you with high-quality assistance.

In this article, discover 4 good reasons why you can trust us to look after you.

1) Confidence that your request will be processed…

All your MyConnect tickets are centralized within a single platform: https://my.easi.net

Each day, multiple hotliners are working exclusively on resolving your tickets.

That's why, when you contact MyConnect, you can be sure that your ticket will be processed by experienced and fully qualified people who are ready to step in to assist you.

If necessary, should your request necessitate our product team and/or your consultant going into action, we will take care of notifying them using our in-house tools. In addition, you can at all times consult the status of a ticket and respond to this.

2) At the earliest opportunity...

Because the handling of MyConnect tickets follows a fine-tuned process, we can optimise the resolution times of your tickets. If you encounter a critical and urgent question or problem, you also have the option of specifying it in the ticket. We try our utmost to take this priority into consideration.

On average, MyConnect Adfinity processes around 420 tickets per month.

Almost 80% of these are answered within 3 days.


3)… and in a personalized manner.

At MyConnect, all our hotliners are also consultants that are accustomed to field situations. As a result, they are able to better understand your needs and sensitivities.

What's more, MyConnect is 100% Belgian, so that requests in whatever language you speak (French, Dutch or English) can be responded to.

4) So, you hold all the cards, go ahead and play!

Did you know that the EASI Extranet allows you to access a range of FAQs? Your balance sheet won't balance? Are you not sure how to update your licenses or import data into Adfinity? You’ll find all the answers in this section.


Are you curious about new Adfinity products? You can also consult these via the Extranet. If you are interested in one of them, don't hesitate to get in touch with your consultant. He can provide you with more information and, if necessary, update your application.


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