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New features to manage loans and borrowings

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Emilien Wallet
Software Engineer

More and more new functionalities are being added to Adfinity as new versions are released, such as the loans and borrowings module.

Adfinity, our accounting solution, is constantly evolving. In this article, you will find out about the new features Adfinity offers users to manage different types of financing.

Access to the repayment calendar while viewing commercial documents

Users can now access the repayment plan directly from a generated advice notice.

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Management of the actual remaining balance due

Users have the possibility to work with the actual remaining balance due. This means that any transaction requiring the use of the remaining balance will take into account the actual remaining balance and not the theoretical one. Furthermore, users will also be able to view what has been actually repaid on each repayment date recorded.

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Access to view accounts from the loans/borrowings module

From the loans and borrowings module, users can view all accounting transactions related to a loan.

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New information in the repayment calendar

Some useful information has been added to the repayment calendar to enable users to view these details in a single place.

The information added includes:

  • the amounts actually repaid
  • information relating to generated advice notices
  • the payment date
  • the date of the last back payment as well as the level of back payments
  • ...

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In addition to some of the main features mentioned above, the loans and borrowings module can also be used to manage the following:

  • Document approvals (advice notices, management charges, etc.)
  • Threshold index (to vary remuneration from equity investments according to an index)
  • Management charges
  • Withholding tax
  • Remuneration from equity investments
  • Early repayments
  • Late payments
  • Release date (payment date of the amount to the partner's account, used to calculate interest based the first due date on a pro rata basis)

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