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New features in version 5.11

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Ann Heyerick
Senior Business Consultant, EASI

For version 5.11, I have decided to introduce 5 new functions. I’m sure that you’ll find at least one of them incredibly useful.

Multi-environment selection

First and foremost, what is an environment in EASI? In most cases, it is a legal firm within your group. In previous versions, it was possible to base a selection on “from…to” for your companies. That meant that you could select from company 001 to company 005 for example, but you could not exclude a particular organisation. Now you can! From now on, when you are looking at your balance or accounts or printing out your ledger, you can select / deselect the environments of your choice.

In the example below, I want to print out a customer balance by only selecting the legal companies that I am interested in.

version 5.11 adfinity accounting software

You can now be sure that you can export / print depending on the environments that you want!

Data entry based on similar accounting documents

In Adfinity, we are always trying to make data entry faster, from character recognition (OCR) and smart electronic invoices to different input methods.

A new option is available that lets you apply items according to the data entered for a similar reference document. In the screen below, the system automatically identifies a similar document depending on the supplier and the total amount entered.

version 5.11 adfinity accounting software

In practical terms, when you are entering the data for a document and the system identifies similarities with another document that has already been entered, you will be given 4 options:

  • Import the items from the similar document
  • View the items for the similar document
  • View the similar accounting document
  • Do nothing

Electronic reminder: original invoice attached!

We are always keen to take electronic interaction one step further, including sending your suppliers details of your planned payments and sending out invoices and reminders to your clients.

Now, when the system manages reminder emails, as well as the reminder message, the original invoices will be attached as well!

Sign in with your Windows user name and password

Do you have too many passwords to remember for your different applications? You can now sync your Adfinity password with your Windows password!

This will also help you comply with your in-house rules and procedures, which your auditors will be very happy about. Talk to your IT department and our consultants if you’d like to introduce this option!

Exchange rates

Adfinity lets you manage your currency exchange rates. You won’t need to import new rates manually any more! Our solution checks the day’s exchange rate using a specialist platform (xe.com). You can also find out about previous exchange rates for a date in the past.

version 5.11 adfinity accounting software

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