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New reporting in Adfinity

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Fabrice Moll
Expert Software Engineer

In a previous article, we described the main reporting used in Adfinity.

Today, we will look closely the Excel reporting you can realize by using the formulas developed by EASI.


When you use the formulas developed by EASI, you can introduce it directly in Excel or choose it via the "Function" menu:

reporting excel accounting adfinity

reporting excel accounting adfinity

This is very useful but not always easy to use for the beginners.

In the near future

We decided to completely renew our reporting tool in Excel in order to :

  • make the installation easier (only a few clicks are enough)
  • be visually more pleasant (Adfinity tab in the Excel menu)
  • be easy-to-use

With no more delay... Here is the new look of our tool :

reporting excel accounting adfinity

Thanks to the integration of the Adfinity tab, it is even more easy to add a formula.

reporting excel accounting adfinity

Thanks to this new add-in, you'll be able to :

  • connect to your database
  • choose the environments to use for your extractions
  • use the formulas developed by EASI
  • add tables and pivot tablescreate reporting based on a template designed by EASI

Of course, we will continue to bring new functions... Can't wait to reveal it (very soon...)!

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