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Dylan Brossel
Software Developer, EASI

Do you want to receive a weekly overview of your cash flow? or a monthly reporting with the unpaids ? It's now possible with the newsletters of our new accounting software Adfinity.

Why a digital newsletter ?

Why e-mails again? Because we want to be paperless. Why a newsletter? because it's more flexible and offersan ease of use that attachments can't allow.
Think about these PDF files, these Excels you have to download, open, shut,... With this newsletter and a link to theweb access, every important information are available at a glance. No need to open other software anymore.

The newsletters as overview or reporting

With this new function, you can for example keep an eye on the comings and goings of a general stock or a specific product.
Here are some other practical examples :

  • The balance of unpaids
  • The daily transactions
  • The balance in the beginning of the day and the closing of the cashflow
  • An overview of the signed contracts by regions at the end of the month
  • ...

The list could be much longer!

With Adfinity, we offer you tailor-made newsletters, based on your needs and wishes.


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