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The Achilles' heel of cloud environments 1/4

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

When speaking about a Cloud environment, the most important part is the connectivity. You can have the best servers of the world in the very best data center, but, if your connectivity is bad, too slow, not reliable or keeps dropping now and then, you will end up having issues with you end users and probably your management.

We wouldn’t want people to think you made a bad choice by coming to our cloud, so let’s take some time to understand the main possibilities regarding connectivity in Cloud2be.

To make this topic more digestible, I’ll split it in 4 different parts:

  • Part 1: Understanding internet routing
  • Part 2: VPN
  • Part 3: Dedicated line
  • Part 4: VPN vs Dedicated line, conclusion, what should I choose?

Part 1: Understanding internet routing

Let’s have a look the drawing bellow:

cloud2be achilles'heel

On the left you have your Office building, it is connected with a standard internet line. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) guaranties a speed to the internet, this means connection A is guaranteed, but that’s it.
Each router on the World Wide Web has connections to other routers, and so all together they make a huge map interconnecting everything and everybody. Your ISP guaranties the your connection to their backbone, but once you are on their backbone you will be sharing the network with all the other users.
You can compare your data going over the network to the cars driving in the city and high ways. Some routes are faster than others, some times their are traffic jams causing the speed to drop drastically, some times there are works causing the route to no longer be practicable.

cloud2be achilles'heel

Just as a good GPS, when the connection you use fails, you will be redirected to a new route. This route will maybe not be as fast as the usual one but it will get you to your destination.
Regarding the overall speed from your packet from your office to the Data Center, it will depend on the usage of all the interconnection and the available lines you can use a that time. So it's impossible to guaranty you will always have the same response time between to points.
In the coming blog, we will explain the VPN connection and the dedicated line, ending with a very useful comparison

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