How to commit our teams around Cloud2be?

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Renaud Croix
Sales Engineer, EASI

As we think that one of the keys to be successful is our internal resource, we organized a few workshops to develop and improve our cloud knowledge.

During October, around 10 workshops were given. The goal ? Help all our collaborators to understand the cloud, and mainly the Cloud2be positionning, added-value and way of working.

At the end of these sessions, we asked our collaborators to answer a quick survey. We wanted to get an idea of what they thought know before the session, and what they actually learned.

Before the workshops

The general self-rated knowledge of EASI employees regarding Cloud2be before those workshops was quite surprising.
Indeed, we were around the exclusion rate with an average knowledge of 2,8/5.
On a deeper analysis, only the System Engineers department was relatively doing well with a score of 3,9/5.
Sales and Administration departments, with respectively 2,9/5 and 2,7/5, were in line with the overall result. The application development department closes the score with 2.5/5.

After the workshops

With an average increase on rate of 1,1, all departments deserve a “Distinction” as they all reached the threshold of 75% (or 3,8/5). We could even granted System Engineers department with a “La Plus Grande Distinction” as they rated themselves 4,5/5. Sales and Application Development department standing just behind with respectively 4,1/5 and 4,0/5.


Workshops seem to have been successful based on:

  • the rate of knowledge after workshop attendance
  • the quality of leads we already received by employees

It also helped us to understand which concepts still need to be highlighted. Key facts about Cloud2be seemed also to be of interest for our collaborators.

To end up these workshops, we organized a big Cloud2be Day in our office. A dedicated article is coming soon!



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