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First HR Webinar: Sales Engineer in the Spotlight

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Julien Haeck
HR Advisor, EASI

I am particularly proud to organize together with my colleagues the very first HR webinar in our company's history. First step, let you discover the Sales Engineer's profession.

My experience has shown me that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the job of sales person. Even at EASI, several of our best sales once told me they had never considered such a career course during their time at EASI. Now, they wouldn't change jobs for anything in the world!

To help us see things more clearly and uncover the true from the false, I organized a webinar and invited two of our best salesmen, Brice and Romain, to come and talk about their job.

Want to know what it's like to be a Sales Engineer? We'll see you on August 3rd at 6 pm!

What's on the agenda?

The sales job suffers a bad reputation among students. By discussing with them, I quickly noticed that the function was unable to shake several clichés: excessive phone prospecting, not very rewarding, few challenges, no prospects for development, etc.
None of these claims are true! The job of a Sales Engineer at EASI is not just about selling hundreds of thousands of euros of service, but above all about supporting and adding value for our clients.

Brice, Romain and I will give you a clear idea of what it's like to be a Sales Engineer, we'll debunk several clichés, and we'll even tackle the (sensitive) issue of salaries.

Good news, you don't even have to sacrifice your whole Monday night. In just 30 minutes we'll explain everything you need to know.

Why should you participate?

If you've never been drawn to the role of sales person, our webinar will certainly change your mind! Prepare to be surprised by the diversity of the job! Our two sales geniuses, Brice and Romain, will explain the day-to-day reality in the field as well as all the cross-functional skills that this role can bring you. They may even share with you some of their best-kept secrets that have allowed them to excel in their position 😉.

Following our interactive webinar, we will take you on a virtual tour of EASI's offices. To give you an idea of the everyday atmosphere.

How do I register?

Go to the event page now and register for our webinar. Don't forget to leave us your contact information, we'll send you a little surprise to help you turn this virtual event into a real party ;-) ! 

I look forward to meeting you and explaining everything you need to know about being a Sales Engineer at EASI.

See you soon!

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