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Quality and satisfaction remain our main objective

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Ludovic Michaux
Managing Partner, EASI

Adfinity continues its breakaway. In 2019 the quality and satisfaction of our customers remains our main objective!

Adfinity increases its workforce by 43% in 2017

We're very happy we could announce that in the beginning of 2018 our Adfinity team grew with 16 new consultants, from 55 to 79. Since then, these 16 new recruits have evolved and are part of the core of the Adfinity team. Increasing our workforce with 43%.


We continued the effort in September 2018 with 25% additional growth

As our panel of customers continues to grow, we felt the need to continue in this direction and repeated the approach of 2017 in September 2018. We are close to reaching the milestone of 100 collaborators in the Adfinity team. At this point we're counting 98 talents. This allowed a progression of 25% compared to 2017 with 19 additional profiles including 5 people for the team in Flanders.

Growing up is good but managing this growth is better! What are our tools?

We have been anticipating this growth for several years and today we have various tools that allow us to control it the growth, despite the significant increase in the number of profiles in the team.

An intensive training phase

The goal has always been to maximize efficiency and deliver quality from the very first steps of our new customer recruits. For several years, we have been developing a complete curriculum dedicated to our new colleagues. Our 2 experts Vincent Corson and Benjamin Van Gyseghem have looked into the creation of this tool to finally give birth to more than 2 months of intensive training on our software package Adfinity. Our managers and coordinators have also dedicated themselves to setting up a new training dedicated to our internal procedures and soft skills.

Internal support dedicated to consultants to absorb the growth phase of 2017

In order to let the more experienced consultants focus on the customers, we created an internal support center. This center made it possible to continue the training of newly arrived consultants and to ensure the quality of the deliverables for our clientele.

Micro teams that are self-sufficient

One of our strategies has been to build up a maximum of micro-teams. A micro-team generally consists of 4 people. The goal for them is to operate in the most complementary way possible so that they gain autonomy. A project to set up our software package must be able to be managed as a whole by each of these micro teams. A more experienced leader oversees the micro structure and participates in all projects to maintain the required level of quality and provides active and personalized coaching for each consultant. This way of working is empowering for the consultants, it allows them to propose new challenges. It also allows each micro team to consider themselves a start-up with the objective of making it grow. Finally, this structure allows to offer multiple opportunities for change to who wants to grow its micro enterprise.

But what do we plan for 2019?

2019 will be the year of stability for Adfinity. We want to give the existing teams the time to continue to develop. In Flanders our team will continue to grow.

Our product is becoming increasingly mature, there are good prospects for optimizing the quality of our implementations.

And of course we will do everything we can to make our customers even more satisfied than the year before. So for everyone, the best is to come!

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