Safe2be CRS/QRS - Business impact of your RTO

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Thomas Schifano
System Engineer, EASI

Do you know the difference between our Safe2be solutions CRS (Cold Recovery Service) and QRS (Quick Recovery Service) ? No, so let's take 3 minutes to read this article!

Our two products provide you a solution to retrieve a functional IT environment after a disaster in your infrastructure.


As IT manager, it's important to know your RTO. This RTO is globally defined in a Disaster Recovery Plan.


The CRS (Cold Recovery Service) will allow you to restore your infrastructure from a backup when a disaster in your infrastructure occurs.
The restoration can be made by differents way:  disks, tapes or Safe2be RBS

With this solution you can retrieve your entire infrastructure within a day.

The RTO could be improved, more info here.


The QRS means Quick Recovery Service and gives you the possibility to retrieve your infrastructure really quickly.

How ?

Because your data are automatically replicated to our dedicated infrastructure periodically (15 min, 1h, etc.).
Your infrastructure are ready to start in our datacenter.

This way, you can restart your infrastructure in a record time in case of disaster : only 15 minutes.
During our test, the infrastructure was reachable in only 1 minute.

The right choice ?

In every case, you retrieve a functionnal IT environment and ensure your business continuity.
Your choice will be led by your Recovery Time Objective.

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