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Satisfaction of our Cloud2be customers

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Thomas Van Eeckhout
Managing Partner, EASI

At EASI, we want to continuously improve ourselves.
In order to do so, we question our customers once a year.
Every year in June, we kindly ask our beloved customers to answer a list of questions, allowing us to understand in what domains we can improve ourselves.

This process of asking feedback, analysing results, discussing with customers and puting into place action plans to assure continuous improvement has become a tradition within EASI.
In this satisfaction survey, we question our customers on their satisfaction in general, but also on our performance in very specific domains.
All of our business lines & solutions are represented, which allows us to understand our customers satisfaction on solution level.

In this post, we will go into details of our Cloud2be solution.

This year, 40 Cloud2be customers have taken some of their precious time, to fill in our survey.
Since we have just over 200 Cloud2be customers in total, that makes 20%. Compared to last years 30 respondents in the same category, we're quite happy with this positive evolution of 30%.

Our Cloud2be customers gave us an overall satisfaction rate of 82%. A very good score , even if we're down a bit, compared to last year's score of 83%.

We have 7 customers that rewarded us with a 100% satisfaction and 11 respondents with an 80% rate for their satisfaction of  Cloud2be usage! Fantastic results, for which we really want to thank our teams.

Externalising IT infrastructure is a generally accepted trend in the market. We notice however that it is very important to work with a partner you can trust and you can rely on.

And you can rest assured: the Cloud2be team is truly committed to our customers satisfaction.


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