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Basic vs Managed Cloud

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Cloud has become a common expression, used to cover a wide range of IT solutions. Cloud is not always equal to cloud, there are many additional services that can make the difference. We'll see two different approaches in this article.

Basic Cloud solutions are rented as big box solutions with large toolboxes not often as easy to use as it seems. Basic cloud will require a lot of time for configuration, OS updates, Software upgrades, maintenance, finetuning, ...  Badly configured, it could conduct your employees to no longer be able to work.  Cost attractive, Basic cloud solutions can quickly become a source of wasted time and money.

Managed Cloud solutions offer another approach. The "Cloud Boxes" are now combined with a fully integrated pack of services. Cloud experts will have the responsibility to manage your cloud solutions. They know their job and will help you to free some time so you can focus back on your core business.

At EASI, our Cloud2be Team will Manage your solution from A to Z. Some of the most appreciated services we offer :

  • Infrastructure installation & configuration
  • System Monitoring
  • Usage & performance reporting
  • 24x7 Professional Support
  • Solution testing and tuning
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Backup and restore tasks
  • Advice you on your infrastructure architecture
  • Manage your infrastructure security

We can also deliver expertise in

  • Microsoft Solutions (Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, ...)
  • Unix operating systems
  • Deploying and managing applications you need for your work
  • Give advice and manage your database architecture

Choosing the best cloud offering for your needs is absolutely critical. Think about what you just read, before choosing.


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