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SD-WAN : Did you believe me?

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Jérémy Derzelle
Expert System Engineer, EASI

If you read my recent article about SD-WAN, did you believe Fortinet was the right solution for delivering Secure SD-WAN?

What is SD-WAN and what is Fortinet? 

Very recently I wrote an article about SD-WAN to explain what it is and why it can be useful for you.

I mentioned that EASI is using Fortinet solutions to bring secure SD-WAN to its customers. However, Fortinet is primarily a Security vendor and the Fortigate is a firewall on which SD-WAN is a free module. 

You may wonder: "how good could a Fortigate be at SD-WAN?"

Well, until Wednesday 8th August you would have had to blindly believe me. Fortunately this is no longer the case.

What happened? 

NSS Labs, a company that is well known for releasing yearly benchmarks around security products, just released the first-ever SD-WAN industry benchmark test.

They have thoroughly tested 9 leading SD-WAN solutions on the market and came out with a very interesting report.

 # Key facts

  • 9 vendors tested in total (Cisco refused).

  • 3 vendors achieved the "recommended" rating.

  • Amongst the 3 recommended vendors, only 1 is a Security vendor


Find out for yourself how Fortinet compares:

  graphicImage source: NSS Labs

Fortinet advantages:

  • Fortinet achieved amongst the highest quality result for VOIP and Video.

  • The Fortinet TCO is by far the lowest amongst all tested solutions.

  • Fortinet is the only native next-gen firewall being recommended.

 # More recommendations

In addition to SD-WAN, the Fortigate earns various "Recommended rating" from NSS Labs year after year:

  • Next Generation Firewall

  • Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Data Center Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Data Center Security Gateway


Still not convinced?

Contact us and see how the Fortinet products together with the EASI expertise can help you achieving your security goals! We'll show you that Fortigate is one of the best security product around, with the best value for your money. 

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