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SD-WAN : What and why?

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Jérémy Derzelle
Expert System Engineer, EASI

Are you struggling with the price, performance and flexibility of traditional WAN? Then you may like SD-WAN!

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network.

That basically means: "Use your WAN links the way you want" or "Make a smart usage of your WAN links".

Why is it interesting?

There are 2 majors reasons :

  • The increased usage of cloud-based applications increase the WAN link usage
  • The characteristics of Internet lines nowadays (high bandwidth, decent reliability and low cost) make them very attractive to replace dedicated/leased lines.

With SD-WAN you can maximize your throughput and reduce your cost while still offering redundancy and quality.

How does it compare with other routing methods?

There are several well-known ways to use WAN link:

  • Traditional routing allows you to route to a given link based on the destination address.
  • Policy-based routing adds more criteria than just destination address, like source address and protocol/ports, to the routing decision.
  • Link monitoring allows to failover and failback between lines, based on their availability.
  • WAN link load balancing allows you to use multiple WAN links at the same time.

SD-WAN allows all of the above and more! It is possible to decide which WAN link to use based on:

  • the user or group membership.
  • the application being used (Skype, Office365, Salesforce...).
  • the quality (latency, packet loss and jitter) of the line.


source: http://www.123freewiringdiagrams.download/diagram-voip-dan-cara-kerjanya-gallery-how-to-guide-and-refrence.html

And it's not just for the public Cloud!

While SD-WAN is the perfect user case for Cloud/SaaS applications, it also perfect to optimize your private Cloud/Datacenter access, as well as your branches to HQ access.

SD-WAN can be configured for any link type (ADSL, MPLS, 3G, VPN...) and for any purpose.

Can EASI help?

EASI can get you up to speed with SD-WAN with its offering based on the leading next-generation firewall Fortigate.

Not only it is a great opportunity for you to enjoy all the benefits from SD-WAN, but you can also take advantage of all the security features Fortigate has.

Did I mention that SD-WAN comes for free with any Fortigate?

Reach out to us if your interested to see how we can help you embracing SD-WAN securely!

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