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What is SaaS backup and how will it help your business

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Brice Feron
Sales Representative, EASI

SaaS is not the same as back up and “safe” is not the same as “invulnerable.” Let me explain you what SaaS backup is and how it can be of service for your company.

What is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service, is an interesting solution that has been developed to help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency. Saas is a software delivery model that allows the user (you) to access software from any device via the internet. It has enormous potential because of the flexibility that comes with it. It allows people to work from home for example. Normally software is stored locally but SaaS is hosted in the cloud.

Why is it so interesting?

It’s low cost

If you store your data in the cloud, you no longer need to take care of on-premise hardware, and maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting. With SaaS you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee that includes licences, support and other fees. This is very advantageous because it allows you to spread your costs over time, instead of purchasing everything outright.

It’s secure

Before you send your data, it can be encrypted on the client side. This way your data will be protected during all stages of transfer and storage. That said, every Saas vendor has to undergo strict security audits. This forces them to invest more in security, back-up technology and maintenance than non-SaaS firms.

It’s convenient

Forget transporting tapes or disks from one location to another. Using the cloud for offsite backup is just so much easier. You can configure the software to back up automatically based on time, file changes, file size or any other parameters that are important for you.

It’s reliable

Once it has been set up, the cloud just works. You don’t need to worry anymore about attaching devices, drivers...

It has unlimited storage

You don’t need to worry about storage limits anymore. The cloud can take as much data as you wish to send to it.

So what is SaaS Backup?

SaaS is not the same as backup. Storing data your data in cloud applications is safer than storing data on most on-premise storage systems, but “safe” is not the same as “invulnerable.”

Essentially, when data loss occurs, it’s likely not the fault of Google, Microsoft or your the owner of your cloud. The leading cause of data loss is an end user error. Think about intentional deletion by an angry employee, hackers and external app errors, data corruption via syncing/overwriting...

Saas Backup is a a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that lets businesses own the data from the moment a backup begins without limits around point-in-time. It protects your data and it gives you the control to restore your data at the push of a button if you need to.

Why is it important?

Multiple reasons!

  1. There are two categories of enterprises – those who have lost data and those who will. This may sound cruel but it’s just the truth. Organisations lose cloud data every day. Even from well known service as Office 365, Salesforce … Research has shown that 77% of companies that use SaaS applications suffered a data loss incident over a 12 month period.
  2. Almost all SaaS vendors state that protecting data is your responsibility. So plain and simple? You need to back up your SaaS data, because they (most SaaS providers) don't do it for you. Be proactive and protect your cloud data before it is too late. Software-as-a-service backup - or SaaS Backup - is an important aspect of data protection and business continuity that is often overlooked. Even though the stakes could be significant in terms of both reputation and financial impact.

Is it interesting for me?

That’s why SaaS Backup is an ideal solution for small- and medium- sized businesses who are looking for a way to reduce up-front costs.

If you want to know more about SaaS Backup to find out if it’s the right fit for your business. Or if you are considering to make the transition to working with SaaS, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice without any obligation.

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