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6 reasons to put your IBM Power System in the Cloud

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Brice Feron
Sales Representative, EASI

As you probably know, we, at EASI, are experts with the IBM Power i technologies. Our experience shows that most of the IBM i users are still using old version of the IBM Power i (Power 5 or 6). When the time has come to renew it, you might face the dilemma of buying a new machine (Power 8) or moving to a Cloud Provider. I'm going to give you a few reasons why considering a Cloud Solution might be interesting for your company.

1. Save Money

Cloud solutions are generally less expensive than an on premise servers. IBM's smallest Power servers have more capacity and resources than what you are currently using on your old Power 5 or 6. When you move to a Cloud provider, you only pay for what you use. The provider will create a partition (LPAR) based on your needs. Besides the purchase price, you will also save money because you won't need any core activation, IBM Licensed Program Products or Maintenance fees.

2. IBM Power i experts are todays Phoenix

It is no secret that it has becoming harder and harder to find an IBM i expert and when you find this rare high skilled person, it might cost a lot to your company to attract him. Moving to a Cloud will decrease your needs for an IBM i expert because most the tasks (updates, support, ...) will be done by the company that hosts your system.

3. Security

Data Centers provide an incredible level of security and redundancy that most companies in Belgium or Europe can't afford for themselves. Indeed, in a Data Center, you have redundant power, secure physical access, cutting edge cooling and fire protection. If you don't trust me, join one of our Data Center Tours and discover it for yourself!

4. New technologies

By moving to a Cloud, you will be able to upgrade to the latest IBM i version level. In other words, you will have a faster hardware and the latest operating system enhancements.


When you get a new server you're in the CAPEX model with sometimes special approvals from your management. Moving to a Cloud is an Operational expense (OPEX) and it might be more interesting for your company.

6. Flexible terms

Cloud terms are far more flexible than buying new hardware. Indeed, you can choose the duration of your contract or upgrade your needed resources in a few hours. Even the payment terms might be flexible (Monthly, quarterly, yearly,...)

If you want to know more about our Cloud Solutions at EASI, go to our website or contact us.

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