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Bring your IBMi applications to the future

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Dimi Van Langenhoven
Team Coordinator

Is your company having troubles maintaining your RPG programs or are your employees displeased with the environment they work in? Then maybe it is time to consider modernising your Power based business.

 The modernization of a Power environment takes place on multiple fronts giving multiple advantages and possibilities.

  1. The existing database, that may still be built with flat files or physical and logical files, has to be converted to an SQL database. Doing so the database will be able to easily communicate with other modern applications and will be maintainable by young developers.
  2. The programs should be converted to a ILE environment. The best case scenario is a conversion of all programs to the RPG free format. This form of RPG is easy comprehensible by young developers and programming free format RPG is a skill that is much more easily acquired than the old RPG formats. To help with this conversion Rational developer and Arcad provide some very handy tools. The biggest advantages of this conversion are the ability to expand your development team with young developers as well as reducing development time for new programs.

  3. The third and last front is the user interface. By developing a new and fresh looking user interface employees can work in a more pleasant environment while increasing their efficiency. This can be done in any technology using web services to communicate with the existing RPG programs. Getting data from the database is also no longer a problem since most programming languages can communicate with SQL databases.

I hope this overview of possibilities has inspired you to bring your Power environment to the future.

EASI is always at your disposal for any questions you may have concerning the modernization of your system.


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