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End of service pack support for VIOS 2.2.6

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Michaël De Cauwer
Senior System Engineer

You are running VIOS 2.2.6? Time to upgrade. You are running lower version of VIOS 2.2.6, well besides the fact that you are a little fearless, it is never too late to upgrade.


IBM has announced the end of service pack support for VIOS 2.2.6 release.

This means that IBM will not make any updates, fixes, or interim fixes (including security fixes) for this release anymore.

This also means that Service Extension will only offer usage/how-to support


End of Service Pack Support is announced for 30/09/2020.

How can we help you

If you are an IBM Power customer and you want assistance to upgrade to a VIOS version 3.x. Don’t hesitate to contact us.





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