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IBM Tech U: Day 2

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Do the names of Thomas Barlen, Bartiomiej Grabowksi and Erwin Earley ring a bell? Read on because they had interesting stories to tell!

Hi IBM i people, Let start! What a tremendous day once again. Where can I start with ? There where so many interesting subject that I have to cut in.

What's new in IBM i Security by Thomas Barlen

We all believe in the fact that our IBMi is secure and so it is. But once again our clients and our access methods may reveal severe security lacks. One example is the following: A ha is analyzing the mail subject of a company (Who is sending to who and is interested in what). After a while he gets a mail looking as an official mail regarding a software they have and ask them to open a file to read the subject in detail. That file is a kind of sniffer and collocate all information from and to your IBMi After a while these information are sanded to wherever you could imagine. If it what encrypted with SSL/TLS he couldn't even do his preliminary job witch was sniffing !

Authority collection in V7R4 has been enhanced to analyze if the objects are accessed with the right user authority.

VIOS from the perspective of IBM i by Bartiomiej Grabowski

A rich experience of how to install, configure and manage one or several VIOS. An example of this is the way to use IBMi NFS to have one location for all VIOS upgrades and VIOS Backups.

Did you know that when you do an update of VIOS your different features firmware aren't updated ?

How Healthy is your IBMi

From Physical, through cabling up to software and setup, there are so many things you can tune for making your Power IBM i as much reliable as possible.

  • Label and place correctly your cables : Network, FC and Power
  • Be sure to plug your redundant Power in different Power source
  • Test all your redundancy before you need it
  • Use Virtual IP or LACP for Network connections
  • Updates regularly your PTF's
  • Test frequently your IBMi Problem reporting
  • Use a NTP
  • etc

Understanding and Managing The PhP on IBMi by Erwin Earley

As we all know, PhP is a major player in the Internet Application. New graduated young people do not know RPG or Cobol anymore. ZendServer and PhP runs on IBMi and can deliver your old applications a total new live not only in the look and feel but also in new support from new graduated people.

Hoping to have given you enough of material to think today.

Keep an eye on me, I'll be back tomorrow for some more interesting news. Danny Simon reporting from IBM TechU 2019 in Prague.

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