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IBM TechU 2019 : Day 3

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Best practices for Electronic Support and a session about IBMi and SAN where I discovered some major concerns. Read on for a report from day 3.

Hi, this Danny Simon reporting from IBM TechU in Prague. What have I learned today?

Electronic Support Best Practice by Dennis Heideman

You may know it or you might not, but opening a PMR on an IBM site has totally changed. It allows us as BP to follow these different tickets on a More acute way. It allows us to have a full trace off all communications and files exchanges.

Never the less, there is still a migration from the existing ESS and SR on going. This means that some BP will have to wait before they get the list of all their customers.

May I also suggest to always update your different software and test the different alerts so that when it happens you know that IBM has the necessary information to solve it.

IBMi and SAN by Ingo Dimmer

In this presentation I discovered some major concerns regarding the following

  • LUN Size
  • Zoning consideration
  • Path depth
  • Impact of compression on performance
  • etc

There are a lot of things who can make your configuration look as a good or a bad decision. External storage must be well thought through before it is implemented in an IBMi environment with a high workload.

Practical customer examples where iDoctor helps solving the performance problems by Morten Buur Rasmussen

In our Power IBMi professional lives, I'm sure we all once had some issues with performance. IDoctor is an interesting type of software. It is a billable Software that allows you to analyze in depth what is going wrong. You can even see if it comes from the system itself or from a specific job. If you associate with 'job watcher' you can even find what that job is waiting for.

So that was all for today. After learning so many new tricks. It was time for a treat. At the end of this tremendous day, IBM offered us a splendid Event around the present theme of Halloween. Talk to you tomorrow, this was Danny Simon reporting from IBM TechU in Prague.

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