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What's new in IBM i7.4

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Danny Simon
Executive System Engineer, EASI

The coming release of IBM i 7.4 includes some interesting enhancements. Let's have a look.

IBM brings enhancements to all the areas of their IBM Power i Portfolio. This includes the base operating system, the selected Licensed Program Products (LPPs), the hardware and some firmware. Since this release will improve the HA capabilities of IBM db2, we will soon have a presentation of these new functionalities. But... before we we can implement this, let's have a look at the announced enhancements. 

What is new?

In short, the new features in IBM® OpenPages® GRC Platform 7.4 include the following enhancements.

  • Platform enhancements
    Enhancements to functionality are included in this version of IBM OpenPages GRC Platform.
  • Solutions enhancements
    Enhancements have been made to the IBM OpenPages IT Governance solution and to the questionnaire capability. In addition, a configured Docker image of OpenPages is provided, which will allow you to have a fully functional OpenPages 7.4 environment up and running in under an hour, and which can be used to learn about new product capabilities.
  • Administration and serviceability enhancements
    Several enhancements have been made to help you administer, maintain, and support IBM OpenPages GRC Platform.
  • Supported software
    IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 7.4.0 requires new versions of some software.

The complete overview

You can find the complete summary here.

For those of you who are just looking for a quick glance, here is a glimpse of what is to come.

  • Security enhancements include expanding the set of rules for SST user ID passwords, automating certificate management using DCM APIs, and extending Authority Collection to collect information for specific objects
  • Work Management has been enhanced with updates to workload groups, adding exit points to Job Queue job tracking, and adding new capabilities to retrieving Processor Multitasking information
  • Networking enhancements have been updated to include the latest industry standards for TLS, SNMPv3, SMB3, and SMTP
  • Clients interested in upgrading their availability environments will be interested in the enhancements for save and restore operations, and clustering
  • In this release, IBM Db2® for i is focused on improving the functionality and performance of SQL as well as adding new functions for database engineers
  • Application developers in both traditional environments and open source will see enhancements to RPG IV, COBOL, the System Debugger, Node.JS, and Python, and the addition of new tools and the R language
  • Rest APIs have been extended to now allow SQL to be called directly using the HTTP connection
  • A new LPP, IBM Db2 Mirror for i, provides near-continuous availability
  • In the IBM i Portfolio, many of the LPPs such as IBM Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i (BRMS), IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i, and Administration Runtime Expert have had significant function added
  • Users of the desktop tools for application development, IBM Rational® Developer for i (RDi), system management, and IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS), will enjoy significant new functionality
  • New fast start with the new IBM Db2 Web Query for i EZ-Install package
  • IBM Domino® 10.0.1 and IBM Traveler are now supported on the IBM i operating system
  • ARCAD Observer for IBM i and ARCAD Converter for IBM i have been refreshed for traditional developers
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand for i 7.4 supports backing up to the cloud using Cloud Storage Solutions for i and provides enhancements to several commands

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