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Setting up homework: does your organization need help?

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Dirk Slechten
Executive System Engineer, EASI

Organizations are facing difficult times. Read on to learn about a free trial for VMware and to see how we can help you secure your business and set up homework for your employees.

We are facing challenging times. It is very important that we take all measures necessary to stay healthy. This is the only way we can protect our businesses.


To secure your activities, working from home is a smart option. Your employees will be able to take care of your business in a safe way.

EASI can assist you to quickly setup shop to secure your business. Employees can even use a personal device to connect to a virtual desktop infrastructure and this in a secure manner.

This procedure will allow your company to let your employees work from home like they would do if they were in the office.

We can deliver this service on premise on your existing infrastructure, or we can deploy one for you in our CLOUD2BE environment.

We are here to help you, contact your pre-sales or sales rep to discuss this further.

Are you looking for more information? Don't hesitate to take a quick look on our website to check out our business continuity solutions.

Tested and approved

We immediately used our own organization as a test. Last Thursday evening 12/03/2020, EASI decided that all employees will work from home starting Monday 16/03/2020. During the weekend, the system integration department set up an external workplace environment as described above. On Monday 16/03/2020, all 250 employees were able to work from home without any significant problems.

Extended Free Trials

We are not the only ones urging to you consider homeworking policies.

At VMware they understood the situation and they now offer extended free trials of Horizon VDI 7 on-premises for 90 days and 100 named users until July 31, 2020.

You can check their offer on this website.


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