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SmartSales expanding to Switzerland

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Benjamin Barthélémi
Channel Manager, EASI

Two years ago, EASI decided to take on a new challenge and to launch a new solution on the Belgian market. 

SmartSales had only one target: revolutionise the work of sales teams, the sales representatives that are always on the road. 
Tired of their bulky notepad, computer or their trunk full of flyers, they needed something better, a special solution that would allow them to do everything they needed in a simple and efficient way. 

Based on this idea, SmartSales was born. 

Distribution network for SmartSales

Now, after two years of development of SmartSales on the Belgian Market, EASI wanted to go further, to push the limits. This is why EASI is now developing a complete distribution network for SmartSales. Our focus: allow more and more sales teams to enjoy our solution. 

We are now thrilled to announce you the expansion of SmartSales in Switzerland

Thanks to soluware and his CEO Noel Meylan, SmartSales will be distributed in Switzerland. 

We want to thank soluware's team to give us their trust and to join us in this exciting experience. 

Want to know more about soluware: https://www.soluware.ch/
Want to become yourself a partner: http://smartsales.easi.net/partner

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