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SmartSales goes international

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Dominique Pellegrino
Executive Business Manager, EASI

I am proud to announce that we are now officially the international sales partner of Huvepharma.

SmartSales app will help their teams all around the world to speed up their sales cycles. First implemented in Belgium and Europe; we are now deploying our solution for the US market and in Asia in the next few months.

This deal increases SmartSales users to more than 1000

Isn’t it the perfect reason to look back on our journey?

SmartSales’s story starts in 2014 with the takeover of a mobile CRM provider. We were active in the CRM sector since EASI’s beginning, but we knew it was time to put our name on the map of the mobile sector. We started with a mobile version of SmartShare, and then realized we wanted to go further, bigger and to cover the field sales needs. SmartSales was born.

This US project allows us to cross the ocean, but we were already active in various countries in Europe (Belgium, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, ....) through Huvepharma as well as Smeg.

A local anchor

We are always excited to extend our expertise and name to the other side of the globe. However, before launching ourselves in an international project, we always make sure we will have a national anchor with our customer. We may get bigger; we will not change our philosophy. We want to be able to offer a qualitative support and follow-up to our clients.

The Huvepharma case

Huvepharma is a great example of this strategy. The project started in Belgium through a local networking club. After a year, we had the opportunity to grow internationally with them. Languages, currency, various time zones… Many challenges were on our plate! But Huvepharma Belgium trusted us and our abilities. They were proud to present their Belgian sales tool to the rest of their branch offices all around the world. It was love at first sight, and that's how we kept writing our international story.

An international team for an international solution

You may already know that we count on ambitious partners to distribute SmartSales in and out Belgium. You can already find SmartSales distributors in France and Switzerland. Our next stops? Germany and Canada. As usual at EASI, we decided to focus on people first.

Want to learn more about our international team mates? Stay tuned!

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