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SmartSales – What’s in a name?

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

It’s been almost 2 years now since my role within EASI has changed. As a sales engineer, my main focus for the last 2 years has been on commercialising our mobile development offering in Flanders & Brussels. SmartSales has been a part of my commercial portfolio for a while now, and I would like to write something about the name.

After deciding our brand new names for all of our products – such as SmartShare & SmartMail – we also needed a name for our mobile app for sales reps. SmartSales seems like a logical choice, based on our “Smart“-branding. However throughout these last 2 years I’ve noticed that the name SmartSales might give you the wrong impression.

Our focus in the beginning was on developing a tool for sales reps who are constantly on the road, and therefore SmartSales was a suitable choice. The biggest part of our users are evidently sales reps who are on the road, placing orders, filling out visit reports after visiting clients, presenting documents & presentations, etc. on their iPads.
By prospecting I’ve noticed however that SmartSales can be useful for everyone who visits clients and who is often on the road, not just for sales reps:

  • Think about technicians who are going on an intervention to a client, they also have to fill out an intervention report and present technical documentation to their clients. If need be, these interventions reports can be signed by the customers themselves in order to have an official confirmation of the work that has been delivered.
  • Think about safety engineers or prevention advisors, who are inspecting buildings for their customers. Afterwards they need to fill out inspection reports, who have to be sent to the customer in order to have an idea on where they can improve.
  • Think about students who are temporarily doing market research for your company, by questioning potential customer on the streets or at events.
  • Think about employees who are present at fairs or salons, collecting leads for your distributors and other partners.
  • ...

For all of the examples above, SmartSales provides a standard mobile solution for iPad. For all of the examples above, an automatic reporting module is available in order to analyse these different uses.

It’s safe to say that SmartSales can be used in a variety of ways, not just for sales reps. Do not be fooled by the name, because SmartSales could quite possibly be interesting for your organisation as well.

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