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SmartShare in the Google Play Store: what's in it for you?

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Cédric Huysentruyt
Software Engineer, EASI

It was a beautiful working day, it’s now 6PM, on your way to your car, ready to go home for a nice evening with your children, like it should be. Until you realize you completely forgot to answer that last urgent APM and forgot to create that meeting with your responsible for tomorrow afternoon…
Do you recognize this situation? You’re the owner of Android device? Pretty annoying isn’t it: having to restart completely your computer to launch SmartShare and do these last things while your iOS colleague simply takes his iPhone and to this last modification on the way to his car? 


SmartShare is now also available on Android mobile phones

smartshare 1

The first version of the application has been released this week in the Google Play Store and allows you to manage your APM’s directly from your phone or tablet.

You’ll never been that much connected to your collaborative software as before. Create an APM, notify a colleague or send a mail to a customer can be done and some easy and fast taps. 

So, what about the future?

Currently, there’s not yet a direct access to mails and contacts but they can already been accessed from, and linked to, an activity. Of course this is already a first and handy step, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply access your mailbox and contacts list? 
Well, let me tell you a little secret: the second version of the application is currently being developed and beta tested inside of EASI. This second version will provide you full access to your emails and slightly later a full contact list will also be available. 

smartshare 2

This is like Christmas before the date, no?

To conclude I would like to give you one last tip: Enjoy the time you’ll win thanks to SmartShare Mobile!

Keep following us for more information about future releases!

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