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SmartShare Mobile deserves a gift for its birthday

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Frédéric Block
Managing Partner, EASI

One birthday to celebrate : SmartShare Mobile is 1 year old !
Indeed, one year ago, we officially launched our iOS (iPhone / iPad) mobile app for SmartShare. How did it evolve? And, most importantly, how will it evolve ?

A bit of history : which were the major improvements ?

  • 08/2014 : First release launched, including APM (activities) only available on iPad. 
  • 09/2014 : the app can be used on iPhone too
  • 11/2014 : Contacts is also made available
  • 12/2014 : mails can be accessed and inserted in activities using the app
  • 05/2015 : full access to DM is added

What's next ? Did I hear 'workflows'?

Linked to the imminent release of SmartShare v7.0 (see this post), we are going to release the new version of the mobile app too.

Here are the major improvements :

  • The navigation within the app was completely revamped. You will be able to go to a module directly using a new 'quick menu roll', always available anywhere in the app. No need to always go back to the root menu.
  • Besides, you will be able to switch from one module to another (i.e. Activities, Contacts, Documents,...) without losing context. In other words, it will be easy to start adding a comment in an activity, switch to a document you searched in DM to find some info and then go back to your activity to further continue adding your comments...
  • You will be able to take workflow's actions on documents (DM). As you would do in your Notes client. Easily.
  • Contacts can be marked as 'favorites'... and, optionally, favorites can be kept in sync with your Apple's address book. So that you know who is calling you...
  • In addition to being able to add comments, you will also be able to upload photos... or files coming from file storage (iCloud, OneDrive, DropBox,... and SmartDrive :-) )
  • From within an activity, it will be possible to send a mail, directly integrated within the activity feed, as it is already the case for the received mails.
  • The application will be able to keep your favorite documents (DM) in sync. In other words, documents marked as favorites will be replicated and available off-line mode.

smartshare mobile new version smartshare mobile new version smartshare mobile new version

Availability : soon, very soon...

SmartShare Mobile v7.0 is expected to ship within a few weeks, in September 2015 !