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SmartShare Mobile : new version waiting for you

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Frédéric Block
Managing Partner, EASI

iPhone and iPad possessors using SmartShare mobile may now upgrade to latest v7.0 app!

As announced a month ago, the iOS mobile app of SmartShare is also evolving, in parallel to the Notes rich client version. In summary, the major improvements are about:

  • The navigation within the app was completely revamped.
  • Ability to switch from one module to another (Documents, Activities...) without loosing context
  • Ability to take workflow's actions on documents (DM)
  • Ability to upload photos... or files coming from file storage (iCloud, ...)
  • Ability to send a mail from within an activity
  • Favorite documents (DM) can be kept in sync through replication
  • And many other small improvements....


SmartShare Mobile  SmartShare Mobile  SmartShare Mobile


How to update the app ?

As for previous versions, the app is available on the AppStore.
Simply update it from your iPhone/iPad as you would do for any other app... if not already made automatically.

Do I have to upgrade my server version to v7.0 too?

Server-side application v7.0 is now available, as announced in this post. But do you have to upgrade your server first? Well, yes... and no.
Some new functionalities (ability to send a mail, upload files,...) require the server-side application to be upgraded in v7.0. However, if your SmartShare applications are still in v6.7 (or even v6.6), the app will not malfunction : these new functionalities will simply not be exposed to end user on the mobile app.

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